Emergency Services

  • On-site inspection of property under any and all conditions
  • Emergency cleanup of your property
  • Emergency structural drying after water damage
  • Griffin Restoration provides recommendations to help reduce the potential for more loss
  • Photo documentation of the property
  • Ability to customize our reports to our clients wants and needs
  • Post Loss Insurance Reserve Appraisal
  • Emergency and Repair Cash Value
  • Collect samples for testing potential hazardous materials
  • Detailed floor plan sketch
  • Scope of work
  • Quantity survey


  • 24-hour emergency line: Quick and easy ordering of our services
  • Timely turnaround of reports, remediations, and repairs
  • Our technology assists this process by electronically capturing information starting with the initial contact with clients and ending with the reports being electronically transferred to the customer
  • Accurate emergency remediation: These will help reduce the severity and magnitude of claims
  • Values are established by qualified personnel: we build sustainable long term relationships


Asbestos Remediation

asbestos-sqMany buildings contain asbestos, which was used in spray-applied flame retardant, thermal system insulation, and in a variety of other materials. Griffin Restoration has the experience to assess and remove asbestos-containing materials from your property. Read more [+]

Commercial and Residential Construction

houseRenovating your bathroom? Opening a new business? Building a new addition to your home? Bring us your construction drawings and ideas, and we’ll do what we can to help.


consulting-sqAt Griffin Restoration, we ensure costs are controlled and your property restored to the pre-loss condition. Unnecessary costs and upgrades are not in our mission unless commissioned and approved.

In the unfortunate event of a large loss, we understand communication and organization are key to a successful restoration. We act as a conduit between you and the adjuster to ensure a speedy and smooth resolution.

Emergency Board-Up

Temporary measures to secure your property from unauthorized access or storm damage including boarding up windows and doors.

Fire Damage

Different restoration methods and measures are used depending on the type of fire damage that occurred. Fire damage can be performed by property management teams, building maintenance personnel, or by the homeowners themselves; however, contacting a certified professional fire damage restoration specialist is often regarded as the safest way to restore fire damaged property due to their training and extensive experience. Read more [+]

Hard Surface Cleaning

wood-sqIn today’s home decor, hard surface flooring is playing an increasingly important role. Examples of popular flooring materials include stone, concrete, ceramic/clay, wood, resilient and specialty flooring. These materials appear to be easy to clean, maintain and restore, however, soils on hard surface flooring have a tendency to build up progressively, resulting in erosion. Read more [+]

Mold Remediation

Mold assessment and mold remediation are techniques used in occupational health: mold assessment is the process of identifying the location and extent of the mold hazard in a structure, and mold remediation is the process of removal and/or cleanup of mold from an indoor environment. Read more [+]

Lead Remediation

Toxic levels of lead are often present in paint and pipes of older buildings. Should these need to be disturbed or removed, Griffin Restoration can assess and perform the removal to prevent lead contamination of your property.

Temporary Support

Getting you back on your feet during the first 72 hours; whether is be generators, food, and any job-site services that may be required during this critical time.


Just as the title reads!


Bringing the property back up to pre-loss condition with minimal disruption to the occupants.

Water Extraction

Professional water removal.

Professional Opinion Reports

Description coming soon.

Post Loss Appraisals

Description coming soon.

Water Damage

water-sqWater damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of water damage.